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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Zell Miller

If the Democrats used his speech for their platform I'd almost certainly still be a Democrat. I've listened to Democrat pundits (and read) claiming that the GOP is putting on a moderate facade to hide their conservative (even extremist) real face. I doubt it for one reason, these moderates are not marginalized. They're not denied a voice, in fact they were/are key speakers at the convention. Some of their beliefs conflict with the party platform. Pro-choice and pro-gay marriage speakers. One of the most popular members of the GOP and one of the most powerful. Yet from the Democrat National Convention I get the opposite.

From the Democrats I get a party platform which, like the Republicans, is not talked about much during the convention. Unlike the Republicans, however, the Democrat platform is the antithesis to what the movers and shakers believe, support and endorse. The Democrats don't have room for a pro-life key speaker at their convention. They don't have room for Democrats who argainst racial quotas.

What I see from the Republicans is their "big tent" in action. What I see from the Democrats is their "big tent" in words only. Actions speak louder than words, and watching the Democrats claim tolerance but practice bigotry does not go unnoticed by me. It has been this attitude by them that pushed me out of the party.