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Monday, July 21, 2003

Gimp for the Gipper?

So I'm watching Kobe Television today... No, not Japanese TV on Satellite, rather Fox/CNN/CNNHN, and on Fox there was actually something not about Kobe.  It seems that James Brolin is slated to play former President Ronald Reagan in a new TV miniseries.  This is the James Brolin who I always enjoyed watching, the same James Brolin who married outspoken and well-known leftist Barbara Streisand.  It's rather a trip, but I also have to wonder how it will end up.  I don't know the man on a personal level, it's likely that he is as avowed a leftist as Mrs. Streisand, however Carville/Shriver both married well-known conservatives, and the truth is not everyone is so bigoted that they wouldn't look at someone of differing political, social, and cultural outlook without pre-judgment.   I can't tell you what his work-ethic is like.  He could be a consummate professional and play Ronald Reagan honestly, accurately and without leftist demonization.  Frankly I intend to give him the benefit of the doubt until I happen to learn more about A) his political leanings, B) his work-ethic reputation.

Either way Mrs. Streisand is either pissed off or happy that the show will get a leftist spin.

Note:  While looking around to find out about Mr. Brolin's politics/comments I found that Boycott Hollywood already had the story posted.