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Eighth man from Adam, an artificer of metals

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Ah Well Ah
          Thanks to the likes of Glenn Frazier and Doubting Thomas, my penis is getting smaller. I've suddenly gotten a couple of people checking out my rants. Now back in the day I didn't bother much about when, what, or how often I tried to post. Suddenly, however, that silly sense of monarchial responsibility inculcated into me by stories of Umialiloa and Keouakuahu'ula is beginning to tell. I have actually gone over my latest essay with a red pen. Certainly my old English teachers and professors would be proud of me, and it has clarified the respect I already had for writers, but sheez. This is like actual work, made all the more difficult by the "bullions and bullions" of insects attracted by the flood lamp outside where I sit with my notebook (and/or printed first draft) and not even the smoke of my hand-rolleds scares these little buggers away. Toss in a couple of links and voila, I’ll be cooking with gas. Err, I mean charcoal. Everyone knows charcoal is superior.

          I'll be done with my essay continuing my European Ignorance rant shortly. Now if only I could get the bloody links to show properly.